Stained Timber Stairs


I absolutely adore the contrast here between the white walls and stained timber in this staircase. These beautiful stairs found in a North Melbourne home could fit well in almost any setting.


Modern Outdoor Kitchen and Pool


This outdoor kitchen and pool is a stunning combination of contemporary elegance and country chic. The stonework and lighting make it really stand out, and the kitchen area is perfectly sized and situated for a large outdoor BBQ party.

Easy Tips to Design your Outdoor Patio


Adding the touch of beauty and grace to house is a dream of every homemaker. You can fulfill this beautiful dream by decorating outdoor and indoor space. Designing the whole structure enhances the appearance and showcases the taste and sophistication. The size of your courtyard determines how big you will make your outdoor patio. Without an iota of doubt, outdoor patios are commonly used as a way to decorate the outer area of house indoor living room. The patios can be designed depending on your lifestyle. If you like to enjoy in tranquil environment, that sort of patio outdoor furniture should be introduced. If you enjoy more cooking delicacies then patio should be designed accordingly. Whatever is your choice, we have come up with a list of ideas that not only enhances the outlook of your patio, but also inspire you to live like a fresco throughout the year.

1. Climatic Conditions

The first and foremost step is to study the climatic conditions of the place you live in. You should know in advance how the climatic conditions can have adverse and good impact on your outdoor patio furniture. Besides this, you also need to figure out for which preferable season you would like to create the patio? If it’s only for summers, then designing process should begin accordingly with light colors and themes. Once you have made up your mind, you can fearlessly begin with improving the key areas of your abode.

2. Measure the Area

It is obvious that you won’t be building the patio in a dream. Take a measurement tape and go ahead with measurement process. After the measurement write down on a piece of paper about how much space is available to you to carry out the designing activities. Once decided on that, opt for planter boxes to cover up the border of your railings and outer walls. You can also add the hanging planter boxes to save the space on floor.

3. Place a Water Fountain

If you want to give a perfect look to your outdoor patio, then place a water fountain in the heart of the outdoor space. It will enhance the beauty of your outdoor furniture and minimize the outside disturbance. You can also add the sound system that will help in relaxing and refreshing your mind. Such options result into creating an exciting and amazing ambiance for outdoor socializing.

4. Multicolored Candle Lanterns

Multicolored Candle Lanterns proves beneficial in introducing the touch of elegance to your outdoor living furniture. It also helps in lightning the patio space at night. Hanging candle lanterns can also be replaced with centerpiece lanterns on your patio table. For peaceful living, you should opt for citronella candles inside the lanterns. These candles help in keeping the mosquitoes and pests away.

5. Outdoor Furniture

Complement the theme and color of your house interior and exterior with colored furniture and décor. The way you design your outdoor and indoor space determines your overall personality and love for abode. Introduce the touch of colorful pillows, patterned cushions and seats in the outdoor space to make it more comfortable and relaxed. You can also introduce enchanting fragrance and color into the space with the quality of herbs including peppermint, lavender etc.

To be concluded, you can experiment with different bricks to build your patio. It is always recommendable not to operate the tools and equipment’s unless you are trained to do so. Add more colors and themes that give your patio an adorable and admiring look. You can always explore the different range of Indoor and Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne to let your abode shine like a star in night.